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What’s so great about our JV3 assessments?

A “Verification Method” JV3 assessment compares the proposed building’s Annual Energy Consumption, against a simulated Reference Building. This Reference Building complies with all the elemental NCC Section J Deemed-To-Satisfy (DTS) requirements (e.g. insulation and glazing). According to JV3 modelling conditions, […]

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What is a Universal Certificate?

If you’ve ever looked around for a qualified Energy Assessor, you’ve probably run across the term “Universal Certificate”, especially in regards to Residential assessments. So what exactly is this fancy certificate & why is it so important to have one?
The […]

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New BASIX Thermal Comfort Caps, July 2017

From 1 July 2017, the NSW Building and Sustainability Index for Thermal Comfort (better known as BASIX) has increased in stringency. As a result, buildings that used to comply under the old requirements may not comply under the new ones. […]

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Roof Insulation Compression Calculator

When fibre roof insulation is compressed (to fit into a tight space, squished underneath purlins or even by a retaining mesh), its R-value decreases. This change isn’t a simple linear reduction, but a complex curve that’s different for each material.
To […]

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Explanation of terms used in the Energy Efficiency Industry

There’s so many terms specific to the Energy Efficiency industry that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Here’s a glossary list of some of the ones we use, plus what they mean.


α (greek alpha)
The Solar Absorptance […]

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Optimal Window Eaves Shading

Following from Window Design for House Efficiency the contribution of windows to the total building Energy Efficiency is considered. The BERS 3.2 thermal simulation was used to determine the optimum eaves width for glazing of different heights. The optimum was […]

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