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NCC2019 Changes Video Presentation

On the 1st of May 2020, the Energy Efficiency requirements of NCC2019 (the National Construction Code 2019) are due to come into effect. This means all new buildings will need to comply with the latest standards in NCC2019, except where the project’s design stage has reached significant development (there’s no hard defined limit but typically it’s around 50%).

Since the changes this year in NCC2019 are substantial, to help assist clients & construction industry professionals in this transition we’ve made a presentation that covers the main points of the changes. Presented by our Executive Director, Dr Clyde Anderson, it focuses on the proposed Energy Efficiency changes for the National Construction Code 2019. It covers where we currently are in this transition, the changes to Residential buildings in Volume 2, followed by the changes to Commercial buildings in Volume 1. The presentation isn’t just listing off the raw changes though, Dr Anderson goes into how this will impact your work and how to modify your designs to be more likely to comply with the latest requirements.

(YouTube link if the above video doesn’t work for you)

Additionally, for professionals wanting to test their knowledge of the NCC changes, we’ve put together a short quiz that offers 1 Formal CPD Point & Certificate upon successful completion. The quiz has been designed according to the requirements of the Board of Architects of Queensland. You can download a copy of the quiz here; we recommend answering it while you watch the presentation.

If you wish to receive a formal CPD Point, email us a copy of your completed quiz so we can mark it. A formal CPD Certificate can be issued for an investment of $33 (including GST).

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