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Missing roof insulation?!

Recently a client contacted us saying that they were, well, “in a bit of a pickle”. Missing Insulation

The Building Surveyor had just inspected the building for final occupancy. However, they had noticed that the Energy Efficiency Report done (12 months earlier) listed reflective-foil roof insulation. An awful discovery found that there was none installed on the building!

The builder was still on site, but construction was nearly finished. The roof scaffolding was scheduled to be removed on Friday, so any actions had to be figured out & performed quickly.

What could they do?

Should they take off the roof, add the reflective foil, then replace the roof – an incredibly expensive & time-consuming task? What else could they possibly do?

Could Anderson Energy Efficiency help?

In situations like these, you need someone with a bit of experience and a deep understanding of legislative & regulatory requirements.

Luckily for the client, the Energy Efficiency Report had miscalculated the amount of added ceiling insulation to the roof-space. The requirement called for R2.5 total (roof+ceiling); this was translated to R2.5 to the ceiling in addition to foil under the roof. However, we found that the required amount of added ceiling was much less (only R1.8).

Long story short, we were able to calculate the difference in heating energy and cooling energy between the ‘as-built’ dwelling & the simulated “complying” building. We demonstrated that the building as constructed had lower heating energy and lower cooling energy, and therefore was better than the “complying” design.

The client was delighted that they had a design that complied with the requirements. Even more so, because they didn’t have to spend any more money on the roof! More than that, the builder’s schedule was not delayed by this mix-up and the home was ready for occupancy on time.

They were also pleased that the investment in our professional consulting was a fraction of the alternative cost.

If you have a building that is “just not right”, or feels uncomfortable to live in, we can give you an opinion.We have the expertise to tackle tricky building thermal comfort problems, that may be otherwise costly to remedy.

Contact us to see how we can help you!

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