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Buildings come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, styles, construction materials & classifications. That’s why we tailor every quote to your project needs so your building can get the result it deserves.

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To save you time and get an accurate quote, we’ll need some information about your project. This includes:

This Includes:

  • Site plan
  • Floor plans
  • Elevation views

Simply email your plans in PDF form to or send us a link to your Project Documentation Portal. We also accept physical copies of architectural plans to our main office. Our dedicated sales team will prepare a quote for you as soon as possible, so be sure to include your phone number in case we need to contact you.

What we need for a full assessment:

Once you’ve reviewed our proposal and believe we’re the right fit for you, proceeding with an Energy Assessment is easy. To get started, we require a completed check-list showing your building specifications and preferences. This way, we can collaborate with you to achieve the best result for your building. On the check-list, we specify where you have provided us with the following: a roof plan, sectional views, glazing and lighting schedules (if available).

For a full Energy Efficiency Assessment we’ll need everything mentioned above for a quote plus the following:

  • A completed Check-list
  • Roof plan
  • Sectional views
  • Glazing schedule (if available)
  • Floor covering schedule (if available)
  • Lighting schedule (if available)

As above, you can email your drawings in PDF form to or send us a link to them in your Project Management Service. Again as above, if you only have physical copies you can mail them to our PO Box or drop them off at our office in person; you can find our mailing & physical addresses on our Contact Us page.

Sending us the full set of architectural drawings is the quickest way to help us get started on your assessment.

What can delay my assessment?

Incomplete building information or missing drawings can definitely slow the progress of completing your assessment. Prompt communication is the best way to ensure your project is assessed with minimal delays. In fact, we wrote an entire article on our most common delays & ways you can help us speed-up your assessment!

Not sure about something?

We’re more than happy to talk to you about your specific project requirements and answer any questions you might have! Call us on (07) 3420 5083 during business hours to speak directly to one of our friendly team.

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Confused by all the complicated words & jargon in the Energy Efficiency Industry? We've put together a brief explanation of common Energy Efficiency terms.

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