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How Much does an Energy Rating Cost?

How Much does an Energy Rating Cost?

Energy efficiency assessments are quite complex. The cost of finding a Building Solution is effected by many different variables. It’s a bit like getting a quote for a kitchen or bathroom – since designs and materials differ, the cost changes according to the design choices.

These design choices can include:

  • building size or area,
  • design complexity,
  • the number of windows,
  • the building’s orientation and location,
  • lighting,
  • air-conditioning.

Because of all these differences, each energy assessment quote needs to be individually calculated. If assessments were all charged at a flat rate, simple buildings would be charged the same high price as complex ones.

Knowing what kind of assessment method your project needs is incredibly important. It can make a huge difference to your overall building costs. For example; for a commercial building, a Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) Report is often less expensive than a  JV3 Assessment. However, the decision the make the extra investment for a JV3 Assessment has saved our clients thousands in building materials.

Recently, we provided a client with a verification method for their project. This allowed us to recommend alternative solutions which resulted in our client saving over $100,000 in construction costs. Furthermore, the project’s carbon footprint was improved because less materials were used.

How can paying more for an assessment save me money?

Compared to the overall cost of your building project, the price of an energy assessment is a rather small expense. Paying a little more for a quality, accurate and professional assessment can save you a lot money both in the cost of construction & long term running costs. The building will be more comfortable to live or work in. Additionally, there will be less heating and cooling energy consumption costs for the life of the building & therefore be more environmentally friendly.

The best way to get value from your Energy Assessment is to choose an assessor by their credentials & qualifications, not just by the price they offer. Let our team of qualified, professional engineers help you to save money and achieve an accurate energy assessment that your project deserves.

Anderson Energy Efficiency offers a range of building assessments, for any type or size of project. Renowned for accurate, professional Energy Consulting for over 18 years. Every project is assessed at our Brisbane office by our team of fully qualified Registered Professional Engineers & Accredited NatHERS Assessors. We have an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System & are PQC Registered Level 3.

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