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Energy Consulting, Auditing & Training

Energy Consulting, Auditing & TrainingIn addition to our Residential & Commercial energy efficiency consulting services, we also offer other related consulting services.

Energy Consulting

Looking for general energy consulting? You’ve come to the right place! We can provide independent verification of another company’s energy reports, a second opinion, calculating the estimated R-value of unique building materials or techniques (like thatched roofing, ventilated walls or “Earthship” buildings made from reclaimed or recycled components), and many related services.

We can offer Total Cost Optimisation strategies, for example finding a complying building solution that completely removes roof insulation spaces on commercial buildings, or a warehouse with only tilt-concrete walls without any lining or insulation. We also offer optimisation for going above-and-beyond the minimum code requirements, all the way up to a 10 Star house. As you’d expect, this is a very varied area, so contact us and we can talk about your specific needs & provide you with an obligation-free fee proposal.

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Energy Audits

We are capable of performing informal and Type 1 & 2 energy audits according to AS/NZS 3598.1:2014, for any class of building, of any size. These audits are great tools to compare a building’s theoretical performance with its actual performance, and to identify any shortcomings or problem areas to improve. The difference between the levels is basically how in-depth we go with our analysis and how many variables we take into account. As you’d expect, the more variables we take into account in our analysis and the more detail we go into in our report, the more energy efficiency improvement opportunities appear.

  • An informal energy audit can be performed entirely from electricity bills & building plans (if available). A site visit is optional to evaluate energy use. We will calculate your building’s estimated electricity consumption by using default/estimated load values and compare it to your actual bills. This level is very cost-effective and is useful for generic optimisations, such as deciding which parts of the building to renovate or the financial viability of switching electricity tariffs.
  • A Type 1 energy audit also involves a site visit to perform a survey of the building plus estimating the electrical consumption & usage patterns of many devices, to better match our calculation model to the building. By taking into account large devices or appliances as well you can make informed decisions about not only upgrading your building fabric but switching to more efficient appliances. We recommend this level for most cases because it’s a good trade-off between our consulting costs and correctly identifying most big-ticket areas to minimise energy consumption.
  • A Type 2 energy audit builds upon the Type 1 report and additionally involves measuring the actual electrical consumption & usage patterns of most devices, to provide the most accurate calculation model we can. This is more expensive but it squeezes out the last few percentage points of uncertainty in your building, allowing for full optimisation in all areas.

Energy Training

Clyde Anderson has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110) and is capable of providing personalised instruction courses in a wide range of specialised topics. We can deliver at your event or office a custom seminar of guidelines, explanations and simulation results, tailored exactly to your needs. Whether you’re hosting a Building Sustainability conference and seeking talks from experts in the industry, a real estate company looking to just understand what really is & isn’t energy-efficient without any “green-washing”, a large builder looking for guidelines to lower total construction costs with the new version of the Code, or a materials supplier seeking to understand a calculation process to better optimise & market your products, we’d love to help you. Contact us for a competitive, obligation-free fee proposal.

We appreciate your responses, your preparedness to examine options, your depth of product knowledge and application, and the understanding of statutory requirements.Bickerton Masters Architecture

Why us?

We are a family run business comprised of RPEQs and ABSA-accredited members holding Certificate IVs in NatHERS Assessments, with a fully-certified ISO9001 Quality Management System in Energy Efficiency Consulting in place. Based in Brisbane QLD, we have over fifteen years of direct experience in thermally simulating buildings for Energy Efficiency and we’re confidant that we can give you the answers your buildings & your clients deserve. We have the reputation, experience, education & systems to deliver our exceptional expertise for your project and we guarantee to always find a Building Solution which includes client-approved, lowest-cost options. Thanks to some of our custom-implemented IT solutions, we can provide quality, reliable consulting advice at a competitive price without taking any “short-cuts”.

Quality matters in the building industry.

Some organisations have been known in the past to take “short-cuts”, producing results the building doesn’t deserve. With our extensive accreditation, quality checking & experience you can feel confident we get the right result. Our reports even have tamper-proof holographic seals so you know they’re not copies!

The cost of fixing a building thanks to a junk energy report can be astronomical. Don’t get caught out by a dodgy assessment performed by someone without proper credentials.

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A professional service by qualified experts

Confused by all the complicated words & jargon in the Energy Efficiency Industry? We've put together a brief explanation of common Energy Efficiency terms.

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