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Turning Star Ratings into Dollars

We previously published a newsletter on “Star Ratings and Dollars“. We received some feedback that it’s content was a little confusing to those who aren’t already familiar with various things in the industry. So we thought we’d take a moment […]

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What Can Delay My Energy Assessment?

Energy Efficiency assessments can be a time consuming and complicated process. What sort of things can delay your result, and what can you do to get your report sooner?
1. Incomplete Building Information
To get us started on the Energy Efficiency […]

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How can you reduce the cost of insulating a Building Envelope?

The first step to answering this question is to ask another question: what exactly is included in your building envelope? But the answer is more complicated than you might first think. Correctly or incorrectly defining the building envelope can significantly […]

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JV3 vs DTS: Construction Cost Savings!

Energy efficiency assessments can be performed in several different ways – each with their own strengths & weaknesses. Firstly, there is the Deemed-To-Satisfy (DTS) Energy Efficiency Building Solution. To achieve compliance through a DTS assessment, every individual element of the […]

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How to Understand Your Energy Efficiency Report

Our Energy Efficiency Reports are written to provide an accurate & concise summary of how your building compares to the National Construction Code Performance Requirement and they include the Design Compliance Certificate (Form 15 in Queensland). They’re created with the […]

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How Ceiling Fans Work, Thermally Speaking

In hotter climates, ceiling fans can provide a big increase in a building’s energy efficiency rating. But how does the National Construction Code (NCC) & National House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) Software calculate their exact benefit? Time to get technical!
All […]

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Can you Convert a House Star Rating to Dollars?

What’s a Star Rating worth? How can you estimate the cost of electricity for heating & cooling your home from a House Star Rating? Is it even possible? It is, but it requires a little work. You’ll need to find […]

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Verification Method JV3 Explained

JV3 Assessments are a complicated beast & not many Building Thermal Assessors know how to do them correctly. How do you check the validity of your Energy Efficiency Report to verify it’s correct? What conditions should apply to the assessment?

Your […]

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Optimal Window Eaves Shading

Following from Window Design for House Efficiency the contribution of windows to the total building Energy Efficiency is considered. The BERS 3.2 thermal simulation was used to determine the optimum eaves width for glazing of different heights. The optimum was […]

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Testing of Proposed BCA2010 Volume 2 House Energy Efficiency Deemed-to-Satisfy Measures with BERS Pro Energy Ratings

We were commissioned by the Australian Building Codes Board to investigate the new Deemed-To-Satisfy requirements in BCA2010. In essence, we were contracted to set the goal posts to make sure the requirements for Deemed-To-Satisfy assessments were roughly equal to the […]

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