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Sustainable Buildings as a Journey

Whilst the goal of Sustainable Buildings is sometimes difficult to define, there are numerous things that are more sustainable – that move us closer to this goal.
It may be easier to consider the way more Sustainable Buildings will become reality. […]

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Is your NatHERS Assessment a Potential Disaster?

NatHERS assessments are a complicated thing. With this post we’d like to explain the different pieces that make up NatHERS, so you can understand how they affect your energy assessment. NatHERS needs all it’s parts to work together, otherwise it’ll […]

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How Much does an Energy Rating Cost?

Energy efficiency assessments are quite complex. The cost of finding a Building Solution is effected by many different variables. It’s a bit like getting a quote for a kitchen or bathroom – since designs and materials differ, the cost changes […]

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Our Electricity Consumption creates Zero Emissions

Can you have completely renewable electricity that produces no greenhouse gas emissions?
Energy Efficiency isn’t just in our name, it’s what we strive for. We’d like to show you that going “green” is not only an achievable goal, but in many […]

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Refrigerated Walk-In Coldroom Comparisons Report

Refrigerated Walk-In Coldrooms (WICs) are applied in a wide range of facilities as part of the delivery stream from food source to consumer. However, WICs aren’t regulated for minimum energy efficiency performance, making them difficult to assess. WICs can be […]

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The Cost of an Inexperienced Assessor

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” -Benjamin Franklin
Considering a low Fee Proposal for an Energy Efficiency assessment? Before choosing an assessor, you should know what potential ‘hidden costs’ you might face […]

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Want to save $27,000 in building alteration costs?

Recently, a client was referred to us, as they were having difficulty getting a Building Solution for their new home in South East Queensland. The 330m² two–storey house was on a 10m x 30m footprint, with a long span of […]

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Presentation: Energy Efficiency Case Studies, Class 2-9

Download slides of the presentation
On Saturday 11th of May 2013, Dr Clyde Anderson gave a technical presentation to the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors at their annual conference. Many topics were covered in this presentation and we will be expanding […]

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Can you Convert a House Star Rating to Dollars?

What’s a Star Rating worth? How can you estimate the cost of electricity for heating & cooling your home from a House Star Rating? Is it even possible? It is, but it requires a little work. You’ll need to find […]

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